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Upcoming Events


Faculty Senate Meeting in the Chambers 4/28/2016



The Faculty Senate generally meets in the BLUU Chambers from 3:30 to 5PM.
The location for the December and May meetings may vary and will be announced.







2015-2016 Faculty Senate Executive Committee


Chair: Stathis Michaelides
Chair-Elect: Jesus Castro-Balbi
Past Chair: Jan Quesada
Secretary: Greg Stephens
Assistant Secretary: Ted Legatski
Information Officer: Art Busbey




2015-2016 Senators and Committee Assignments


Senator Committee Department Seat Represents Term Ends
Kristi Argenbright FRC SGEE Science & Engineering 2017
Kathy Baker EEC NURS Nursing & Health Sciences 2018
Timothy Barth SRC SGEE Science & Engineering 2016
David Bedford EEC SPAN AddRan (Hum) 2018
David Begnoche SRC MUSI Fine Arts 2016
Arthur Busbey FRC - FSEC Liaison SGEE Science & Engineering 2017
Jesus Castro-Balbi COC - FSEC Liaison MUSI Fine Arts 2016
Jeff Coffer AEC SGEE Science & Engineering 2018
Phil Esposito SRC KINE Nursing & Health Sciences 2016
Billy Farmer FRC COSC Science & Engineering 2017
Greg Friedman AEC - Chair MATH Science & Engineering 2017
Julie Fry EEC - Chair CHEM Science & Engineering 2017
Jeffrey Geider GC - Chair RAMA Ranch Management 2017
Dan Gil COC ENGL AddRan (Hum) 2017
Timothy Gollaher GC NURS Nursing & Health Sciences 2016
Hanan Hammad GC HIST AddRan (SS) 2017
Hayat Hokayem FRC EDUC Education 2016
David Jenkins SRC SOWO Nursing & Health Sciences 2016
Monica Jenschke EEC NRAN Nursing & Health Sciences 2017
Jo Beth Jimerson COC EDUC Education 2017
Todd Kerstetter COC HIST AddRan (SS) 2017
San-ky Kim FRC MUSI Fine Arts 2017
Max Krochmal FRC HIST AddRan (SS) 2017
Nadia Lahutsky AEC RELI AddRan (Hum) 2016
Andrew Ledbetter FRC - Chair COMM Communication 2018
Ted Legatski GC - FSEC Liaison MANA Business 2018
Steven Lim AEC ACCT Business 2017
John Lovett AEC ECON AddRan (SS) 2018
Steven Mann GC FINA Business 2016
William Meier COC - Chair HIST AddRan (SS) 2017
Stathis Michaelides EEC - FSEC Liaison ENGR Science & Engineering ExOfficio
Thomas Moeller AEC FINA Business 2016
Carrie Moore GC COMM Communication 2017
Jeffrey Moore COC & BAC FINA Business 2017
Linda Moore GC SOWO Nursing & Health Sciences 2016
Sally Packard FRC FNRT Fine Arts 2018
Steve Palko AEC EDUC Education 2018
James Petrovich COC SOWO Nursing & Health Sciences 2016
Samantha Powell EEC NTDT Science & Engineering 2018
Jan Quesada AEC -FSEC Liaison & HMVV RELI AddRan (HumS) ExOfficio
Ranga Ramasesh GC INSC Business 2016
David Sandell AEC SOAN AddRan (SS) 2016
Chris Sawyer COC & BAC COMM Communication 2018
Michael Scherger EEC COSC Science & Engineering 2017
Adam Schiffer SRC POSC AddRan (SS) 2017
Paul Schrodt COIA & AEC Liaison(COIA) COMM Communication 2016
Krista Scott SRC - Chair THEA Fine Arts 2017
Adam Shniderman EEC CRJU AddRan ( SS) 2016
Alan Shorter FRC THEA Fine Arts 2017
Eric Simanek EEC & HMVV CHEM Science & Engineering 2016
Mike Skinner GC THEA Fine Arts 2016
Gloria Solomon FRC KINE Nursing & Health Sciences 2016
Loren Spice AEC MATH Science & Engineering 2016
Greg Stephens SRC - FSEC Liaison MANA Business 2016
Patricia Warrington SRC IDME Fine Arts 2016
Keith Whitworth SRC SOAN AddRan (SS) 2017
Daniel Williams FRC HOCO Honors College 2016
Steve Woodworth EEC HIST AddRan (SS) 2016
Robin Wright SRC MOLA AddRan (HUM) 2018
Qiao Zhang COC MATH Science & Engineering 2016




AEC: Academic Excellence Committee
BAC: Budget Advisory Committee
CIC: Core Implementation Committee
COC: Committee on Committees
COIA: Committee on Intercollegiate Athletics
EEC: Educational Evaluation Committee
FRC: Faculty Relations Committee
GC: Governance Committee
HMVV: Heritage, Mission, Vision & Values (part of the core curriculum)
SRC: Student Relations Committee




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